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During our stay at Discovery Bay, Moonlit Movies will be a 'silent cinema' where our audio partner, Silent Disco Asia, will be providing headsets for a unique sound experience


To avoid bothering the neighbours, many Moonlit Movies events will partner with Silent Disco Asia (HK) or use advanced technology to stream the audio directly to your own device.


Silent Disco Asia

The team behind Silent Disco Asia have been working in the events industry for decades and have a wealth of experience specialising in creative event production and festivals.

Silent Disco Asia Hong Kong are ideally placed to work with partners and brands across the region.

Silent Disco Asia's headphones can be used for a wide range of activities and activations including:

Silent Disco // Silent Fitness // Silent Yoga // Silent Cinema // Silent Comedy // Silent Conference // Silent Walking Tours // Music Festivals // Experiential Events // Product Launches

More information on Silent Disco Asia Hong Kong can be found here:

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