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Our Location

Tai Pak Beach at Discovery Bay is one of Hong Kong's most beautiful beaches.
With a tree-lined fringe and perfect sand, it's one of the best places to enjoy a tropical sunset as well as catch a movie.
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The Setting

Moonlit Movies on the beach will be a relaxed and comfortable experience. Moviegoers will be able to scan in, collect their meal and find a deckchair in minutes (unless they stop by the bar first).

To comply with COVID-19 measures and to ensure people can stretch out and settle in, chairs will be in rows of 8 with adequate spacing.

Tai Pak Beach

Discovery Bay

Set on the northeastern coast of Lantau Island yet just a step away from downtown Central, Discovery Bay is an inspired retreat for the modern day city dwellers.

Natural beauty abound, including the sparkling South China Sea, a 400-metre-long Tai Pak Beach and a myriad of lush hiking paths.

Enjoy the vibrancy of exciting events at the DB Plaza, or get socialised and energised at the oceanfront bars and restaurants along D'Deck.


Getting There


Take the Ferry from Central Pier No. 3 and follow the path to the right after alighting. The beach should always be visible - feel free to arrive early and grab a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants along the way.

Already On DB?

Head to the beach!

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