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About Moonlit Movies

Moonlit Movies offers Hong Kong cinema-goers a complete night out; drinks at sunset, summer sounds, dinner with friends or family and great films under the stars - All hosted in superb locations.

We Are Back!

Tickets are now on sale for MOONLIT MOVIES. After a two year hiatus, the 2022 event is going to be one to savour.

Running every month from October through January, Moonlit Movies offers cinemagoers a complete night out; cocktails on the beach at sunset, summer sounds, dinner with friends and award winning films under the stars.

This year we have a new home at Tai Pak Beach in Discovery Bay and tickets are expected to sell out even faster than pre-pandemic levels. Gather your friends, lock it in and get ready for a superb night out.

No movie is complete without food and drinks so we delighted to bring you a great package of a movie and dinner as well as an on-site bar.

Tai Pak Beach

Discovery Bay

Set on the northeastern coast of Lantau Island yet just a step away from downtown Central, Discovery Bay is an inspired retreat for the modern day city dwellers.

Natural beauty abound, including the sparkling South China Sea, a 400-metre-long Tai Pak Beach and a myriad of lush hiking paths.

Enjoy the vibrancy of exciting events at the DB Plaza, or get socialised and energised at the oceanfront bars and restaurants along D'Deck.



A good cinema experience is made even better when there are high quality food and beverages to accompany the movie.

Moonlit Movies partners with Hong Kong's finest to bring excellent foods and delectable drinks to enjoy throughout the evening.

Ticket prices for our Discovery Bay events include entrance to the movie, a meal AND your first drink on us.  There will be a bar on-site for refreshments too.


To avoid bothering the neighbours, many Moonlit Movies events will use advanced technology to stream the audio directly to your own device.

It doesn't matter if you have EarPods or top of the range cans – you will be able to enjoy the movie without being disturbed and hear everything clearly.


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